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Have you ever searched for the perfect price offer for a few days or weeks, then when you go to buy this product, the price seems to have exploded out of nowhere? Sometimes it can seem like the business is against you. You are not the first to ask this question. Do companies cunning for different people when it comes to the price of their products? Are they using your long research sessions as indicators that you might want to pay more for a good product and raise prices in return? The question is, does this really happen? Let's see if there is a truth behind the myth. The whole business is based on competition and variable prices. Here is the market. 
Companies take many factors into account when calculating prices. The availability of products on the market, discounts, seasonality and even customer loyalty play an important role in pricing. Since value is based on many factors, it is almost impossible to understand what could cause prices to soar. Has the price gone up because the company's website has noted your growing interest in this product? Or did it happen because other people ordered it earlier than you did, which resulted in lower inventory and therefore higher costs? Only a few know, but corporate websites track your online activities. Based on this data, they increase or decrease the prices of the same product. First, they track your position. Different countries have different economic conditions. 
Another important price factor is the device you use. For example, in 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported that Orbitz directed Mac users to more expensive hotels than PC users. Hotels on the first page of search were 11% more expensive than PCs. After the scandal, dynamic prices were found in other services as well. Did you notice that sites often ask for your authorization to store your cookies? This was due to the introduction of the new Privacy Law in the European Union in 2018. These sites have a history of cookies and the value of the products may change as you consult.

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All materials are cited from GoLogin App.


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