Web parsing

In the era of information, web analytics or web data analysis is extremely important. It is hard to imagine a company without a social media account or a business that has no website or online store. These channels require large quantities of data to be filled in continuously. But how can you get it? By web scrapping.

The special algorithm moves to the site's main page and clicks on all the links inside. You can collect the data this way, and then retrieve the CSV file. This file contains all the required information. Use the CSV files to create content that is almost exclusive. In general this information is very useful. Imagine that the entire range of stores is shown in the table. 

Furthermore, every product, every subgroup, every product trademark, all the fields and attributes are included. If copywriters are involved in filling out an online store, the CSV file helps them. When an algorithm generates content, the text becomes meaningful and useful. However, a large number of devices may be needed to obtain this data. Various parameters are also required. Not all companies have the money to buy these devices, and these costs are not required. GoLogin may help you!

GoLogin helps you to control profiles and fingerprints on your browsers. The IP, browser, operating system, network, location and 15 other parameters can be modified. By using different user profiles you can save both physical and virtual resources. Begin your 10-day free trial now!

All materials are cited from GoLogin App.


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