Self Check Up

Web developers know that written code is the beginning of the project. There are always more tasks to fix errors and improve usability. And here they come. Q/A engineers. 

Professional testing of sites and applications requires a great amount of time, money and (most complex) different devices, platforms, software versions, screen resolutions, and more. Most sites are designed to attract more and more users. More users, the more different settings. And you need to check them all. This requires many different programs or special devices. With GoLogin, you can test your site from one window and save time and money on purchasing various test tools. You can use about 20 parameters to check the usability of the site.

 One of the most important parameters is to test different platforms and software versions. You can access the site through Windows, Mac or Linux without using the operating system emulator. The same applies to screen resolution. Most developers face real headaches with this. GoLogin solves this problem! Create a profile with any screen resolution and the browser will show how users see your site. With GoLogin you can easily check whether your site determines the user’s geolocation properly or selects the desired language. Almost all user filters are available.

Once you fix the bug you will need to configure your site analytics properly. It also requires a large number of different users with different parameters. Or just a GoLogin. Set and confirm analysis goals Testing your site is essential and not the most fun part of a developer’s job. In fact, he is testing himself. But GoLogin can help make it faster and better. Start your 10-day trial now!
All materials are cited from GoLogin App.


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