Partnership Marketing
Affiliate marketing is one the cheapest ways to make money. This is a great tool to promote your product. Almost all platforms now have their own partner program. It encourages users to distribute the product. The platform is becoming more popular and the user gets his reward. However, affiliate marketing is not possible from one account. Platforms and social networks block it quickly. You have no choice but to create a new account. However, the next account will be blocked faster. Or you can’t even create it. Why? A journalistic survey usually reveals skeletons in the closet. These people are unlikely to be satisfied when some are released. So if the subject of your investigation is so influential, you want to hide your true identity.
The point is, we leave a lot of digital brands. Here are some of them: 
1. Device. In addition to the device type, you can track other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 
2. Platform, browser, screen resolution; 
3. IP addresses,cookies, DNS and other network settings; 
4. Payment tools added; 
5. Similar actions with other accounts. You must have hundreds of different devices and network settings to avoid the restrictions. Or you should have a good antidetect browser - Gologin.
With GoLogin you can control your fingerprint and manage your profile. Cookies, local storage, and other cache files are completely separate and cannot be filtered between profiles. In the meantime, you can stay anonymous with the Orbita antidetect browser. You can hide the IP address, browser, operating system, platform, geolocation, and other 15 parameters that can be tracked when you are not using GoLogin.
This solution is especially practical for teamwork. You can give specific members of your team access to each profile.For example, one employee creates an account and the other warms up immediately. Farming has never been easier and more efficient. Gologin creators know the affiliate marketing market from the inside. Know what your customers need and solve problems. Try the 10-day trial now!
All materials are cited from GoLogin App.


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